Photo: Connaught School 1944 Grade 3 Class.
Back row (right to left): Barry Cooper, Kenneth Marco, Jack Roland, Jack Proud, Gordon McKee, David Hogg, Ronald Gilbert, Bob Kirby.
Middle: Maurice Price, Russell Cunningham, Gerald Dixon, Ruth Wheeler, Sherill Smith, Sheryl Fanson, Elaine Bevan, Sharon Bruce, Donald Birney, Donald Urquhart, Bobby L(?).
Front: Morage Graham, Marlene Bague, Sylvia Gessey, Doreen Hughes, Beverly Williams, Joan Gardner, Muriel Saunders, Arlene Hisekorn, Marilyn Moffet, Dorothy MacKenzie, Nancy Smail.


Connaught alumnus David Larrigan was born in Regina in 1936. In 1939 his family moved from College Ave. to 2325 Elphinstone. “My first memories of those times was my mother taking me by the hand as we made our way north to Connaught School,” he remembers. “That would have been in 1941 and I think the kindergarten teacher was Miss Smith. It was the start of my education and the first day of the next eight years I was to spend at Connaught. My brother Lyle and sister Patricia also attended Connaught.”

David was surprised with another alumnus, George Beckett, contacted him by phone and told him about the project to gather memories of Connaught. The two former classmates and their wives arranged to meet in Richmond, BC, to talk about the old days. Afterwards, David wrote down his thoughts and mailed them to Regina for all to read.

Please click here to read Memories of Connaught by David Larrigan

1950 Graduation Program

Donald McKenzie attended Connaught from 1941 to 1950. He remembers many aspects of school life, including some of the trouble students go into!

Please click here to read Donald McKenzie’s Memories of Connaught.

Please click here to see Joy Stewart’s collection of class photos from 1960 to 1968.

Visit our Digital Archives for more class photos, old graduation programs and other documents.


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