Time Traveller

Project Title: Time Traveller/ Voyageur du Temps

The Time Traveller/ Voyageur du Temps Time Capsule pilot project engaged all of the students and staff at Connaught School, raising awareness and spirit for this upcoming milestone event.  Artist Gerri Ann Siwek visited every classroom and every child created a piece for the time capsule, based on themes of past, present or future. Filmmaker Janine Windolph captured stories on film and video.

The Time Traveller/ Voyageur du Temps had its premiere public showing at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Streetfair, Saturday May 28, 2011.  Connaught Council members, parents and alumni students assisted with the installation and day’s events.  Well over 2000 people viewed the time capsule, many stopping to share their memories and histories of Connaught School.  Past, present and future students were invited to participate in the pilot project documentation. Over 100 people were photographed in the time capsule. Janine Windolph recorded 17 video interviews with past students and teachers. Numerous contacts were made with additional past students and teachers to do followup interviews. The Time Traveller was also used during the Sept. 28-30, 2012 Centennial Festival.  The Capsule is now on permanent display at Ecole Connaught Community School.


Gerri Ann Siwek  – Artist in Residence 2011 at Connaught School (Click her name to see bio)

Aaron (Captain Anarchy) Clarke – Designer of the time capsule

Janine Windolph – Filmmaker/Web Design/Maintenance (Click name)

Dawlton Tomkins – musician for the theme song of the Time Traveller

Funding Support:
Saskatchewan Arts Board Creative Partnerships
Sask Culture/Sask Lotteries
Ecole Connaught Community School Council


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