The Ecole Connaught Centennial Committee is a registered  non-profit corporation dedicated to planning activities related to Connaught’s Centennial. Members are:

Trish Elliott (Chair)

Janine Windolph (Artist in Residence)

Sheri Adams Selinger (Treasurer)

Rene Dumont (School Community Council Chair)

Gerri Ann Siwek (Consulting Artist)

Mike Burns (Music Director)

Robin Treso (History Project Chair)

Bernadette LeBlanc Fortier (School Principal)

Parent volunteers:
Alison Davies
April Bourgeois
Elaine Barrow
Sheila Jozsa
Leslie Charleton
Suzanne Arndt
Debbie Wosniak Bonk

Staff volunteers:
Molly Moss
Chrystal Proulx
Jacqueline Roy
Kathleen Harel

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